Butterfly Pavilion in Thornton, CO

Welcome to the Butterfly Pavilion in Thornton, CO. Come and explore our beautiful butterflies from all over the world! We have a butterfly garden filled with tropical plants that provide shelter for these winged creatures as they fly around you. With 11 different species of butterflies on display, there is sure to be one that captures your heart. The Butterfly Pavilion in Thornton, Colorado is a popular destination for families looking to have fun. The butterfly pavilion includes various exhibits that are sure to delight children of all ages. You can even hold real live butterflies. Information can be found here.

The Butterfly Pavilion in Thornton, Colorado is a fantastic way to get your children interested and involved with nature. It’s located right inside of the Denver Botanic Gardens which means it has an incredible selection of plants from all over the world! No matter if you’re into orchids or cacti, there will be something that catches your eye for sure. The staff at the Pavilion are very knowledgeable about their exhibits too so they can help explain things to kids who might not understand what they’re seeing quite yet! This attraction really isn’t just for children though because adults also enjoy exploring all the different types of butterflies and other insects on display here as well. See here for information about Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton, CO.